Getting up early is diligent ?

Working long time is a hard working person?

With those common sayings, is it true?
In fact, different people has certain schedule to adjust their own time to wake up, stay concentrate, and get sleep.

Saying so with evidence from the scientific research explored the certain schedule for sleeping time and productivity mode result in “chronotype” using analogy of 4 animal type to represent.

Bear | Wolf | Lion | Dolphin

🤔 Let’s assess which chronotype are you & find out its Productivity Hacks!

Current generation, more employee are adapt and get familiar to manage their working day through several SaaS applications especially in Tech-industry in US, Europe countries, or even in Japan market.

It become more powerful if the company can manage with seamless integration through various SaaS for the employee to have smooth operation on their jobs….less friction, more things get done.

Slack provide great integration with over thousands SaaS and allow developer to create in-house app extension to the company Slack workspace easily.

The employee regularly spend time inside Slack to work and communicate with various parties; including with colleagues, boss…

Massive communication for circular notice from back-office teams ( e.g. General affairs, Human Resources, IIT) to the entire employees are delivered through email or chat workspace like Slack workspace through a dedicated channel for official announcements.

Compared to email, Slack communication tool provides an instant notification to the employee by using different type of mention starting with @xxx

  • @here ( to all channel members who is in active status)
  • @channel ( to all channel members)
  • @member account

or you can refers more detail for how to use Slack to notice in the workspace


In addition to the back-office people, one…

For all of us out there who has experienced almost 1.5 year for WFH style during the COVID pandemic situation, there are both benefit and challenging to maintain productivity and communication with your co-worker, boss, or other member in the company.

One of the critical group the company should be focused on are the new comer who join to the company during the pandemic period.

Never been to office, full of people.

Never meet or hang out for social gathering with colleagues.

Never bump to other member for quick chat / updates about the work or non-work related stuffs.

For chat application like “Slack” , it’s also provide an option for smooth onboarding experience to the new joins HERE.



Case: Company announcement

In the Cloud era, almost all scale of the companies ranging from the Startups, mid-size, or enterprise are using Cloud with the catalyst factor of the COVID19 outbreak as the employee shift to work from home. …

The pandemic situation takes longer than a year and I would like to send all of people out there respect for continuing to work remotely from home. Frankly, most of the Tech-savvy companies are able to survive through COVID19 because of cloud adoption rate in their organization, introducing employee with a change in workstyle nature when people starts to get used to work with cloud applications way earlier before COVID-19 hits. Obviously the pandemic is accelerating the migration to Cloud and trigger the company to utilize more features they have been neglected. For example, I’ve heard the story from my…

From the previous article, I touched about the core responsibility and traits of what good PM (product manager) should be. In this article, it’s interesting to share how many positions that the PM should handle to ensure he/she can lead the product successful. Again, to determine a successful mission for PM is to deliver the value to the target customer and ability to fulfill the business objective e.g. generate revenue, increase % profit margin, or acquire user base.

In this context, I’m surely you noticed from the title it is related to performing the PM position at the company, not…

Hello to all of you, I’ve written several articles about the process, framework, or techniques about creating innovation with a few drops of my experiences previously. The most important driver to make a real progress using those strategy forward is “PEOPLE” in your team, in your startup,OR in your organization!! This article is to share my experience and important elements considering to build and manage a team.

In this context, it is related to manage an ad-hoc team in B2B organization to drive a new business seed to the market with a given timeframe and budget. …

Thank you for your kind words. I felt some companies have "product manager role" but those people might perform as "project manager" - don't utilize the expertise of UX designer or engineer lead in decision making in the early phase of product discovery process.

Afterall, product manager is tough & challenging but amazing role as well, right? :)

Over 10 years, the companies are gradually change to conduct business from waterfall to agile method and the important crucial role to be a captain of the team is “PM”. Let’s just be clear from the starting point that using PM in this article refers to “product manager” not a project manager. The differences is project manager is ensure everyone is able to deliver the output within the deadlines while product manager focuses on the meaningful outcome which is to deliver the value to customer and satisfies the business objective side for the company.

Remember….a good product manager is capable…

Sai Rintira

Business development at HENNGE K.K.,Japan / Former Logistics senior specialist at Toyota APAC HQ, Thailand / Cafe-exploring and illustration is my hobby.

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